FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is your annual tuition?

What curriculum do you use?

As a school, Academy Northwest does not require a student to be using specific curricula or resources.  One of the reasons homeschooling is so effective is the adaptability of the learning program to meet the student’s learning needs.  Academy Northwest wants to maintain that flexibility for our students.  The Teacher Consultant’s [TC] job is to help the parent select what resources will work best for your student.  For specific course offerings that a TC is teaching, certain resources for those classes will typically be required.

Do you provide the curriculum?

No, the parent must purchase/locate the curriculum.  The Academy NW Teacher Consultant’s [TC] job is to help the parent select what resources will work best for a given student depending on the student’s learning needs.  For specific course offerings that a TC is teaching, certain resources for those classes will typically be required.  The TC often knows the best sources to get resources at the best price.

My student is an athlete looking to play sports in college.  Does your program meet the requirements of the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Yes, we are NCAA approved for all of our college prep core academic courses.

Are you accredited?

How do I choose an Academy Northwest Teacher Consultant?

Do you offer scholarships?

No, we currently do not offer scholarships though many of our students earn college scholarships because they are able to develop a learning program that challenges them while integrating their passions and interests.  Tuition credit can be earned for referring new families to the Academy Northwest program for the new school year.

Why would I choose to enroll my children in Academy Northwest since I could homeschool on my own?

Many families homeschool very effectively on their own.  There is, however, significant benefit from having an official transcript from an accredited school.  Also, having someone, like one of our Teacher Consultants “play the heavy” on the parent’s behalf can greatly improve the student’s educational program.  As  students move toward becoming an adult, having other caring yet professional adults speak into their lives is important for life preparation, whether for work/career and/or for college.  This can include “raising the bar”/re-doing an assignment or essays, keeping due dates, requiring challenging projects, term papers, oral presentations, difficult courses, etc.   In addition, even though a family may “save money” by homeschooling independently, this does not always position the student well to earn scholarships for college.  By having that official transcript, many of our college-bound students earn far more in college scholarships than paid in Academy Northwest tuition. Thus, Academy Northwest tuition is an investment in your student and for college.

How long have you been in existence?

Academy Northwest started in its embryotic stage in the early 1980’s with a few experienced classroom teachers who didn’t want to put their own children into the system they had left.  So they created a setting that blended homeschooling with private education and invited others to join them.  The name went through some changes but core essentials have remained while constantly improving the program and services available.

Do you have a graduation?

Can I enroll after the school year has begun?

Yes, in most cases an extra “catch-up” instruction may be needed if enrolling in a class that has already begun.

What if I only want a bit of help?

1) Full enrollment -- The Teacher Consultant [TC] works with the parent to help plan out the student’s learning program.  During that planning stage, the TC and the parent will determine which parts of the student learning program will be taught by the TC, which parts may be taught by others (i.e. music, dance, occupational education, career prep, sports), and which parts may be taught by the parent.  With full enrollment, the TC provides general oversight of the learning program, collaborating with the parent who coaches and supervises student in the daily attending to assignments.  The student and the TC must meet either in a class setting or one-on-one at least one hour/week.  Through quarterly conferences and on-going communications, the TC will work with the parent and student to adjust the learning program if something isn’t working.

For high school students, the TC submits grades and credits each semester to Academy Northwest for all the courses the student is working on and thus builds a transcript for that student.  For non-high school students, the TC and the parent prepare an annual assessment.  Achievement testing is also annually offered but not required.


2) One-credit or less enrollment – The TC teaches one or two courses per semester, but does not provide help for other subject areas.  For high school, the TC submits grades only for these courses the TC is teaching and only these courses will appear on the Academy Northwest transcript.


3) Dual-enrollment – If a student is attending another school part-time or for one class, this option allows for either #1 or #2 above.






So, if only wanting a bit of help, consider options 2-6, but we think all would do better with option #1.  Some TCs also offer tutoring and enrichment classes. Check with the local TC for those services.


Do parents of Academy Northwest fully enrolled students residing in Washington State have to file “Annual Declaration of Intent” [DOI]?

No.  Our students remain anonymous to the state officials.  Their information is only given to the state by demographic data:  sex, race, age, grade level, immunization status.  Parents are not prohibited from filing a DOI, if that is a requirement for participating in a given support group or coop.  Filing a DOI will eliminate some bureaucratic steps of interface with the local public high school if seeking to participate in the Running Start program at the local community college.

What are the legal requirements to homeschool in Washington State?


Services available through the local public school or online state-supported cyberschools are not part of the Washington State law on homeschooling, but rather under “Alternative Learning Experience” [ALE] and are paid for with state funds and must follow public school legal constraints, including all curriculum and instruction is to be non-sectarian” / free of religious instruction. With these programs you are legally limited as if you were a public school teacher and not free to teach your children how you want with resources you select unless these can also be used in the public school.  ALEs are “free” but come with significant strings attached. We understand that many of the state-paid people running these programs don’t enforce the legal constraints given here, but they are breaking the law if they don’t. If you aren’t willing to follow the law with state tax money, don’t participate in these programs. It is a bad example for your child.

If I live outside of Washington State, can I still be enrolled in Academy Northwest?

Yes.  This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1) Enroll and work with an Academy Northwest Teacher Consultant online.

2) Have a local certified teacher train with Family Academy to become affiliated with Family Academy and Academy Northwest.


Note:  students living near Washington State border may have an Academy Northwest TC nearby.

You are a Christian school.  Do I and/or my student have to be a Christian to enroll?


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